Why Choose Me…


With me you get real


No make-up and no filter. One of my highest values is transparency, even if it hurts. I am a tough coach and even a tougher friend. I analyze every gesture and every word looking for the subtext; thus, I admit that sometimes talking to me is like talking to the judge. Nevertheless, what I say and do is done with love. If I even cross the line, which happens very rarely these days – I will own up to my errors first and foremost.
I am still working on my bedside manner and I am getting better, I am perfect as I am while still far from perfection. I am human and I own it to the best of my ability.

I have built this eb site on my own. And I will take down this statement when somebody else will get their fingerprints on it – as of now, its all me… content, pictures, development.

Its been a tough road going at it on my own. No one ever prepares you to be an entrepreneur – you just complete one task after the other. You cover your flesh when and where it needs to be covered and continue working until next obstacle arises as a trampoline waiting to rebound you to the next level of success.

With me you get diverse

I am a polymath. I learn for the sake of learning and once the logic grips me – it doesn’t let go. I search for answers that others may dismiss, because I believe that all information out there is a part of the bigger whole.
I search through physical, mental, emotional and metaphysical. My strength comes from taking in the information is sorting it out by blending it through everything I know. I learned a long time ago that the mind is like a giant processor and intuition is the early output gauge. Not many people trust their hunches, even though they are correct most of the time. I trust my intuition. I remain humble as ego is the greatest enemy of intuition. I know a lot. I know enough. I do not know it all.

With me you get through

One of the best moments in any coaches life is when their clients have a breakthrough. The challenge of coaching is not telling people what they need to know, but structuring their tasks and leading their perseptions with proper questions to self-discover needed concepts in their own words. When information is readily sacrificed to the client – they have no skin in the game, thus the value of that information is usually diminished and not acted upon. Information discovered through exercises and leading questions is treasured more and thus implemented quickly.

I love transforming lives

Whether it is through release of destructive patterns or through saving time in the office. A life improved is a life transformed. We live in a society where time is no longer equal to money, time is equal to money and quality of life. Time is an illusion. Time is a measure of emotions. The higher quality of the emotions experienced the higher the quality of life. The higher quality of emotions, the faster the time seems to fly.  Negativity and dreadful emotions stretch out and weigh down our lives and take a toll on our health. Take charge and transform your life.

I can help you get there!

~Tatyana Bondarenko.