How we clutter our lives.

A simple story of self-care

One day I was washing my hair and I've noticed that my shampoo was almost out. I went out and bought myself a new set. The love of my life went out and did the same thing, since he noticed that we're running out of shampoo. Upon returning home we've had my new set, his new set and, as it turns out, another set that was bought before, after a similar mishap, and put away. They were all good brands, better than what we currently had in our bath, thus I asked myself why and how it happened. I got my answer few days later when I was washing my hair and I caught myself thinking - "I can't wait to finish this bottle so I can start a new one!"
My beliefs and upbringing constructed me to be frugal! I was unsatisfied with the product I had, yet I couldn't bring myself up to throw it away.
This is how we mistreat ourselves, fail to raise our standards and graduate to the next level of mentality out of scarcity.
Can you relate?