Why the Santa Claus lie?

Have you ever wondered why we keep on introducing generation after generation to the Santa Claus lie?

Every year there are more children introduced to this ideology, and every year there are heartbroken kids who find out the truth.

I was asked this question long ago and over the past few years I believe I’ve finally came up with an answer.

Little history:
Traditionally Santa Claus is the jolly old bearded guy, who flies in his sleigh driven by magic reindeer; A man who consumes cookies and milk after climbing to your house through a chimney. A guy who in his spare time hangs out at the malls across the country, has you sit on his lap and take pictures, while he’s taking in requests of what children want for Christmas. In recent decades we also found out that Santa’s sweet tooth extends to Coca Cola as well as to other brand name cookies and crescent rolls etc. Santa is a whore to appease and your mom’s cookies from scratch are no longer enough. Cheers!