This is a message from the future!

Have you ever thought about how cool would it be to check in with your future self and know where you’re going in your life? I am here to share with you about a cool little ritual I’ve created for myself back 10 years ago, and its been paying off.

Many people have stories about their intuition trying to warn them whether to make one decision or not. It is that gnawing feeling that usually comes prior to getting into a car before a crash, or making a risky financial decision on a stock market… A voice telling you to get out of the relationship that is not serving you, or that voice that tells you to call your relatives moments before their lives fundamentally change for better or worse… That voice is your intuition. Have you ever followed it and been rewarded? Have you ignored it and got consequences less than pleasant? I’ve been on both ends of that equation and I got news – you can train yourself to listen to it.

Intuition is usually that quiet low voice that comes through with a distinctive calm. It takes some practice to listen to it, however, rewards for listening to it are immense. When I first started encountering my inner wisdom more frequently I asked myself a question: wouldn’t it be cool to get deliberate messages from the future?

If you’ve ever studied quantum physics, it states that we live in a four dimensional world: height x width x length x time. In the fifth dimension time happens all at once; thus past, future and now are all in one plane, endlessly affected by our choices. Thus if the past that we experience is more or less solid to us as observants – why not send messages to ourselves from the future consciously?

I’ve decided to give it a shot…

Back in the day 10 years ago I sat down and wrote out all of the experiences I remember, good or bad, where I’ve heard my intuition warning me. After writing down these encounters I focused on them one by one sending love, energy and words! Starting out each message with focus and words: “This is a message from the future!”

Two weeks ago, when I was packing up for my trip to Date with Destiny I came to my downstairs bathroom, which I almost never visit. I saw my ViruLite zapper I use for cold sores and I remember getting a distinct message saying “You need to grab this, because you most likely will get a cold sore in Florida” I questioned it, but my intuition didn’t back down. Sure enough on day 4 of the conference I had a cold sore pop out, I came to my room, grabbed my ViruLite and the first words I uttered to myself out loud: This is a message from the future! Grab your Virulite, because you will get a cold sore! The wording doesn’t always transcribe perfectly, however the feeling and intuition almost always do.

Another pleasant example that I’ve got was while sitting at the Cheesecake Factory on the last day of Date With Destiny and celebrating my success and my new life starting. I ordered an entrée and a glass of wine, and I distinctly remember enjoying every bite and every sip. I was indulging in flavors and taking in the experience thinking about the future. Towards the end of my meal I noticed that there was almost a third of my meal left on a plate, including wine. My thoughts told me to get a box, and my newfound beliefs made me question whether those thoughts were from lack. I made a decision to leave my leftovers without taking them home, because I got an experience of a nice meal, and I felt really good. At that time I heard a message come through word for word: “There is nothing but abundance where you’re heading!” I’ve recognized the frequency of the voice and energy and I knew that the decision I made a minute ago was a life altering event. Why else would I reach out to myself from the future? It solidified my newfound beliefs of living from abundance and gave me an overwhelming feeling of peace. I now know – everything will be better than ok. I love myself enough to send these loving gems into my consciousness. Wouldn’t you like to experiment with that too?

This process does take time – I will admit. It took me a few years to fine-tune the instrument. Nevertheless, the more you are aligned with your soul and with your purpose – the easier it would be for you set this process up. I believe that everyone deserves to try it, and to keep this little spiritual hack in mind. You never know, one of these days you might just get a message from the future…


©Tatyana Bondarenko 2017