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Rapid intensive

$2,997.00 for 3 months of intensive coaching

This option designed to be an intensive package with one session per week. If you are strongly committed to change - this option is for you. We will create a plan, based on your needs highly geared towards achieving your goals and dissolving everything that may be holding you back on your way to happiness!

Flexible Serene

$3,997.00 per 5 months of flexible

This option is designed to be fluid and easy-going with two sessions a month. There will be additional accountability check-in between sessions in addition to e-mail correspondence. If you desire more support and additional time to process information - this option is for you. 

Spiritual Counseling

$150 per session or
$1,997 for 3 months of personal counseling

This is a service for a beginning seeker or for a seasoned psychic – I have a lot to offer everyone across my path. All matters of proper tool use, rituals or cosmic laws of universe; herbs, crystals, essential oils; spirit presence, angel medicine, reiki, hoodoo, voodoo, astrology, dowsing, astral travel…
I was born to a line of healers; thus, my knowledge of the world is rather innate. I spent 10 years of my life studying literature, extensively meditating, traveling, learning and teaching. If you are a novice or a seasoned reader, I can assist you in getting to the next level of your spiritual development.

Understand Yourself Better

$200 for 2.5 hours of one on one workshop

1:1 transformation workshop, that will take 2.5 hours of intense work to get through and you will walk away with very powerful tools of self-assessment. You will have more than one breakthrough or insight into how your mind and spirit work together.
You will walk away knowing yourself on a deeper level and you will have an actionable plan to change.

Groups Rates Available. Contact me for more information.