Excel Services


Imagine how much time could a custom tailored excel tune-up give back to your employees?

All excel services are sold at $150 per hour, 3.5 hours minimum
Workshops are designed for up to 20 people

Contact me today to schedule a discovery session to uncover which services would benefit you most.

Excel Workshops

Tailored Excel Workshop [Skills]

This service consists of two parts.
First: Upon completion of agreement I will send out a survey to participants. Each of them will have an opportunity to rank the skills they have most trouble with. After I receive the answers back I would be able to create a custom workshop to strengthen the skills they need most.
Second: I provide a custom workshop on-site, where in group environment they could quickly learn the shortcuts and processes to maximize their excel efficiency.

Tailored Excel Workshop [Reports]

This version is best used for companies where employees may struggle with a specific report or with series of reports.
If there is an issue with excel technique within report(s) that is time consuming, I can recreate those reports from raw data to finished product and then establish a procedure to complete those reports more efficiently and then teach it to employees to raise overall efficiency and excel finesse.
Skills learned through such workshop would most definitely benefit efficiency in completion of other reports.
All documents and reports used will be disposed of according to your company’s privacy policies.

Additional Services

These can be combined with other services or used as a standalone service.

One on one personalized excel coaching

This is very useful if you have one or few people whose skills stand apart from the rest of the group and they would benefit from personalized excel coaching session in order to add more value to the company.

Direct or discreet assessment of individuals excel skills

This service is best used when an employer wants to gauge excel proficiency of their employee. Things such as knowledge of tools, shortcuts, speed and overall excel efficiency will be measured and presented. This can be presented verbally or in writing.

Temporary Project Hire

No recruiting or finder fees necessary

I am always available for hire as a contractor/temporary employee to and through your company. I am available for data clean-up and reconciliation projects. Such needs usually arise around implementation of new systems, as all data needs to be set and formatted in specific ways.
In addition to that I am proficient in automating data population within excel for large financial documents.
I have 12 years of experience in accounting, fulfilling many roles and working in many people industries. I am a quick learner and my skills are quite versatile.