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I’ve been working in accounting for over a decade. Overtime I’ve realized that what I am really good at is research and analysis, clean up and organization of data. In my mind all numbers have a meaning, or a pattern and I make it my conquest to find it.

I’ve worked in numerous industries and I’ve held diverse number of titles in accounting.

Any time there was an issue in the department with excel - I was a go to person. After so much trial and error I’ve developed my own style of working with data, I’ve developed my own formatting ‘fingerprints’ as one of my managers described it.

Throughout evolution of excel, my skills evolved too, some with practice and some with school. So many amazing features have been added and it still prevails as THE tool for accountants everywhere to bring order to the world of chaos, through late nights and the infamous hunt for a ‘missing penny’.

Imagine what custom tailored excel tune-up could do to your business? Every shortcut, every tool that is more effective even by a few seconds, could translate into saving hours of work.

  • Time saved means more time to verify and analyse the work.

  • Time saved means more resources to tackle other projects.

  • Time saved means more time at home.

What would you do with time you save?

~Tatyana Bondarenko.