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I am a Personal Clarity Mentor and a Breakthrough Coach.

I absorb information.
I take in every bit of information I am given, and I approach it from every angle that I am aware of until I find exactly where the block is at. I find that vector of who the person needs to become to get where they wish to go. I get the stuck – unstuck.

I started my journey of soul-searching back in April of 2008, when during my trip to Multnomah Falls in Oregon I saw an amethyst at the gift shop that was calling to me. Little did I know that this tiny geode will assist me in massive consciousness shift, leading me to other tools to sustain my growth for years to come.

One day, while another set of circumstances was in a flux, I have asked myself a question I would never dare to ask before: ‘If I am a good person at heart, why am I unhappy?’ This was my driving question through my days alone, my months in therapy, my years in metaphysics that helped me uncover decades of knowledge and lead me to a new question: ‘Now that I am whole, how can I share this with others so that no one ever suffers like I did?’

Recent Health Battle

In early 2018 I had significant health issues that were misdiagnosed for years. Through a thorough research I was able to self-diagnose myself which was later confirmed by a trusted physician. In July 2018 I had an open myomectomy that has successfully extracted a large tumor, which was a size of a 6 month fetus. I’ve been in recovery for a few months and it has been a rather rocky road. I am extremely grateful that I was able to have the surgery and that I no longer suffer from a myriad of symptoms from before. I am actively supporting women in social groups who are affected with Uterine Fibroids, as this condition commonly can be misdiagnosed for years.

Over the past decade:

  • I’ve studied psychology, codependency and relationships through life stages.

  • I have meditated, practiced with witches, read tarot cards and astrology charts.

  • I have blazed through Scientific American magazines and Psychology Today looking for new discoveries in body, mind and genetics.

  • I have studied numerous diets from Mediterranean and Paleo to Blood Type Diet and Bulletproof.

  • I have studied nutrition and stress affects on the body. I was subconsciously trying to find the reasons for my condition that manifested in later years.

  • I keep my eye on the future through social media and TED talks.

  • I would be one of the first people in a room to express my fascination with CRISPR gene-drive and the great AI war that is keeping everyone on edge.

  • I absolutely love the 3D printing technology that now can print live organs from stem cells and nutritionally modified / physically appealing to eat food for hospital patients.

    We are truly living in a great time. This world is changing, and we must change along with it accordingly.
    …and I can get you there.

    ~Tatyana Bondarenko.